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Tantric Massage Services London

Tantra Massage London

Tantra massage London

Tantra massage London with a beautiful girls

Tantra massage originated in India more than 2000 or even more years ago. It has a strong influence in India cultures and many cultures believe that you cannot have both spiritual and physical pleasure at the same time. 

Tantra Massage London is totally different as it believes a person can attain total peace of mind and body. Tantra massage helps in flushing out the bad energy from the body and thereby heals the body which can be great for a lot of people using such tantric in London therapies.

It believes that repression of the energy within our body makes us unhealthy and unbalanced and this is one of the reasons that it is now becoming so widely used in London UK for example.

The masseuse who practices tantric massage in London believes that our body has a spiritual energy situated in between our legs called tantra which lies dormant within our body.

Once it is released, it regenerates our body spirit energy. This energy is called kundalini circulates throughout the body by a path called Meridians. Any blockage along the path reduces the flow of kundalini.

Modern therapists believe that these blockages create trauma such as pain, emotional or physical abuse, embarrassment or grief that are stored in our tantra therapy . This causes an unhealthy environment within our body and causes our body not to function properly.

Tantra Massage London Therapy

A tantra masseuse service uses special techniques to revive the dormant tantrica massage London and remove the bad energy from our body. It is a form of healing which is quite different from other forms of tantric massage London.

The client or recipient of a tantra massage plays a passive role in the process. The process combines the feeling of well-being associated with deep relaxation with the therapeutic confrontation of sexual issues