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Sensual Massage London Therapy W1

Sensual  Massage London W1 

Sensual massage London are aroused in different ways to men, and it can take time to truly know how your partner wants to be touched and stimulated, especially at different times of the menstrual cycle. Sensual Massage London deepens your understanding of your partner’s sensual massage London responses, helping you to appreciate what she really needs and desires and when.

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Sensual Massage London


Men are often mesmerized by, and sometimes in awe of, a woman’s feminine sensuality and sexual power.
These intoxicating qualities, combined with a man’s passion, provide great potential for sensual massage London fireworks.
Women’s hormonal cycles, however, are not always easy to understand, and their partners often need to show patience and care in order to encourage female sensuality to come to the fore and be fully and unselfish consciously expressed.
The menstrual cycle establishes a rhythm that underlies a woman’s entire existence. Each month, and over the course of her life, she experiences the ebb and flow of fluctuating hormone levels and associated physical and mood changes. One moment she might feel sensual massage and erotic, the next markedly less so. Her emotions may alter, and her skin can feel more sensitive at certain times of the cycle.

A touch that was well received last week may not register the next, or may even irritate. The ability to recognize this and bring this knowledge to your sensual massage in London will deepen your connection with your partner. In order to access her deep sensuality, a woman must also feel deeply.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your partner feels wholly validated, valued,and loved if you want to enhance her enjoyment of your sensual massage London. When she feels secure, she can truly open herself up to your sensual massage London.

There are subtle gestures you can use to reinforce her sense of being adored on every level. One is to place a hand just above her breasts. Touching her here, where her heart chakra (an energy vortex) lies, will help her to connect the feelings you are generating in the erogenous areas of her body with her heart. It is also a way of physically affirming that you acknowledge and appreciate what she feels in her heart.


Men and women share many erogenous zones, but here are a few to focus on to arouse and delight your female partner:
Neck: Stroking and nibbling this area, particularly the sides of the neck, feels very erotic for your partner.
Lips: This highly sensitive area will respond well to being stroked gently with the fingertips and kissed in a variety of different ways.
Waist: Try kneading this sensitive, erogenous area with two hands or stroke with your fingertips.
Arms: Using the tips of your fingers, gently stroke the insides of the lower arms for a delicious sensation.
Hands: Lightly stroke the palms, then suck the fingertips gently for an erotic charge.
Breasts: Start by touching and caressing the entire highly sensitive breast area. When she is aroused, move to give more attention to the nipples.
Lower belly: Massage this erogenous area, including the pubic hairline, to arouse her sexual sensual massage London appetite.